Cuvilliés Theater
Munich, Germany
2004 - 2008
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137B_Theater Cuvillies
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Work Phase:               1-5 and 8b

Gross Floor Area:       2.410 m² incl. Charlotte Rooms

Giving old splendour a new glory:

Since being built in the 18th century according to Francois Cuvilliés’ plans, the old Residenz theater in Munich has seen many splendid performances.

Due to the urgent need of restoration, the theater with its incomparable Rococo charm had to close in 2004.

Through joint governmental and private commitment – the “Comité Cuvilliés” – funds were provided for the complete renovation and restoration of the Cuvilliés Theater and its adjacent rooms.

After an extensive application process with 150 participating offices, Atelier Achatz Architekten was awarded the contract to handle this challenging assignment, together with the engineering company IMP, which was responsible for the construction work.

Our previous experience in this field was crucial in obtaining the contract: projects such as the Munich’s Chamber theater (die Münchner Kammerspiele) and the Opera’s rehearsal stage (die Probebühne der Oper), which were both successfully completed.