Munich, Germany
2009 - 2017
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Design Phase:             2-5 and 8b

Gross Floor Area:       28.636 m²

The main goal of the Gärtnerplatztheater’s restoration was to consolidate the theatre’s facilities, which were spread over several properties in the city, into one home.

For this purpose, non-historical building elements were demolished and the historical facades were reconstructed according to the original model and in close coordination with the Bavarian State Office for Monument Protection. The existing building was supplemented with a carefully inserted new structure, so that optimal functional sequences of the play’s performance are now possible.

Extensive pollutant remediation was carried out in the main historical building and the building fire protection system was updated to comply with the current fire-safety regulations. At the same time, the existing historical building was restored and complemented by sensitive and functionally necessary new equipment in coordination with the Bavarian State Office for Monument Protection.

The entire building is fully accessible.

The highlight is the New Orchestra Rehearsal Hall high above the rooftops of Munich.

As a contribution to beautification of Munich’s cityscape, the Free State of Bavaria – and thus the State Building Authority Munich 1 and our office – were awarded an Honourable Mention 2019 by the City of Munich’s City Council for the exemplary renovation of the Gärtnerplatztheater facade.